Boutique Psychology Psychologist William Pope

William Pope


I have gained valuable experience at working as a Therapeutic Carer, providing traumatised young people with a safe and structured environment, to help them rehabilitate and gain psychosocial stability. I also have over two years working in Positive Behavioural Support.

This role enabled me to work with men who have a range of neurodevelopment disorders and/or mental illnesses, assisting them in developing practical skills that improve their adaptive functioning.

Each of these professional roles has provided me with the opportunity to demonstrate my empathy, compassion, and patience. Moreover, these experiences in providing practical, client-centred care have been extremely fulfilling, and has furthered my drive to become a psychologist.

“Change is often difficult and optimal mental health is something which is not achieved by accident.”

How I help

I am a provisional psychologist working with people of all ages ranging from childhood, adolescence through to adulthood. I enjoy taking a friendly but client centred approach to client interaction to build a therapeutic relationship that is comfortable and judgement free.

I strongly believe that the client is the expert in their own life and rather than give direction, I seek to walk alongside them as they work on better understanding themselves of their own identities and build skills to effectively apply in their own lives.

I enjoy helping clients draw on their inner strengths, gain a greater understanding of themselves and their surroundings. Subsequently empowering them to make positive changes to lead more fulfilling lives in a supportive and friendly environment. Finally, by using standardised testing and 1:1 interaction with the client I can put together different pieces of a life puzzle to help every client tell their story.

Why I’m here

Boutique Psychology provides me with the opportunity to work with an eclectic mix of clients from all walks of life. Also providing me with the privilege to work with a range of colleagues that support me through their wealth of knowledge and experiences across several areas of expertise.

Things I love to do

I am an avid cricket fan (tragic) that enjoys nothing more than staying at home with my family and watching a good session of cricket or bingeing the latest Netflix.

Credentials – William Pope

  • Master’s in Applied Psychology (Professional) – Australian Catholic University
  • Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Advanced) – Deakin University
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology) – Deakin University

Boutique Psychology

Boutique Psychology is a judgment-free zone where you can safely be yourself. You can count on being heard and respected.

Each of our Psychologists has their preferred therapeutic approach and distinct personality. However all of us are kind, warm, genuine humans.

Importantly, none of us believe that you’re broken, given that all of us come through our own messy, challenging times.