Life is messy and it can be tough to keep yourself afloat. 

Life is messy and it can be tough to keep yourself afloat. 

Psychology services for children, adolescents & adults

If you’re out of your depth and sinking, we’ll help you find your feet

  • If you’re sad, lost or angry, or scared, we’ll help you work out ‘why’ and ‘what to do’ to feel better
  • If you’re bored rigid by work or life, and desperate to do something different, we’ll help you get unstuck

If your comfort zone is feeling anything but comfortable right now, step out of it and talk to us.

Are you an NDIS participant or support coordinator? 

Our psychologists and social workers offer psychology services to NDIS participants. 
We also offer in-home and in-school psychology services.

We work with children, adolescents and adults. Contact us today to discuss your needs. 

Counselling Boutique Psychology

How we can help

Clients come to us for all kinds of help. Here are six of our most sought-after counselling services. If what you need isn’t here, just ask.

Treating anxiety and depression

If you’re anxious, you’re not alone.
1 in 10 of us experienced depression in pre-pandemic Australia.

You don’t have to go it alone either. With the right support, you can feel better.

Recovering from grief and loss

Losing a loved one, a job, a relationship can trigger an emotional tsunami. Support tailored to who you are and what you believe can help you come to terms with loss.

Managing anger and conflict

All humans get angry. But If you get seriously, dangerously raging often or easily, let’s find out why. Then we’ll give you the tools to control and ultimately change those angry reactions.

Navigating life crises

Life dishes up some pretty derailing stuff.

All of us have to confront seismic events. These are the upheavals that leave us questioning who we are, where we’re going, and who’s along for the ride. Breakups, redundancies, illness, and accidents, the list is long.

If you’re feeling shaken and stirred and need help to make it through a significant life transition, we’re here.

Recovering from trauma

People react differently to the shock of surviving or witnessing a traumatic event.

Some effects are intermittent others are constant. In either case, the impact of untreated trauma can be profound and debilitating. If you’ve experienced a terrible event, you may feel numb, overwhelmed, or physically ill. We’ll work with you on ways to move forward by managing your emotions and finding a sense of stability and calm.

Rebooting mojo and momentum

If you’ve fallen out of love with your career, your ‘used to be close’ friends, your whole life as you’ve been living it, somethings gotta give.

We’ll help you swap what’s not working for ways to make a fresh start.

Counselling Services FAQs

Do I need a referral?

No, you don’t need a referral to come to us. However, a GP referral based on a Mental Health Care Plan, generally makes you eligible for a Medicare rebate of $87.45 per session for up to 10 sessions annually. If you don’t have a Mental Health Care Plan, our standard fees apply.

What can I expect from counselling?

You can count on being heard and respected. Boutique Psychology is a judgment-free zone where you can safely be yourself. While each of our Psychologists has their preferred therapeutic approach and distinct personality, all of us are kind, warm, genuine humans. None of us believes that you’re broken, and all of us have come through our own messy, challenging times.

You can expect your Boutique Psychologist to be insightful and practical. We’re here to listen, learn about and understand you. We’re here to equip you with well-researched and tested tools to help you cope and grow by feeling, thinking, and acting differently.

The result? You can grow your skills in managing and reducing distress and increase your confidence, effectiveness, and joy. 

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How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions you need depends on why you came to us and what you want to achieve. Furthermore, everyone progresses at different rates.

If you’ve come for help with coping strategies to manage the symptoms of a mental health condition, you may only need a few sessions and a schedule of check-ins to help you refine your skills.

If you are dealing with deep, persistent issues stemming from adolescence or childhood, you may decide to come for ongoing support.

If you have a single issue that we can resolve in one session or several sessions, that’s what we’ll do.

Boutique Psychology doesn’t do ‘one size fits all’ therapy. We tailor your sessions to fit your needs.

Are my sessions confidential?

Your personal information and the records of your sessions are confidential and securely stored. Your psychologist will only share your information if:

  • You grant permission to do so
  • You or someone else are at risk of serious harm. In that case, we may be legally obliged to provide information
What are your fees?

Our fees for 50-minute Counselling sessions reflect the experience of our team.

NOTE: A Mental Health Plan entitles you to a Medicare rebate of $87.45 per session for ten sessions annually or twenty sessions until 30 June 2022 under COVID impact provisions

NOTE: We are not a Bulk Billing practice

Boutique Psychology

Person-centred therapy

Comfort zone feeling anything but comfortable? Step out of it and talk to us.

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LGBTQI+ friendly You are welcome here. We proudly provide equality of service and care to all patients, regardless of age, disability, gender identity, race, religion or belief, income, or sexual orientation.

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