Boutique Psychology Psychologist Nicola Karaconstantis

Nicola Karaconstantis


I’ve always felt very passionately towards working with others to assist them in achieving the version of their best possible self. My interest in psychology stems back to when I was in high school where I studied VCE psychology a year early as I was so eager to dive into the world of psychology and mental health. Waiting until year 11 to commence the subject was not an option – I still to this day refer to myself as a ‘psychology nerd’.

I am always on the hunt for ways to increase my knowledge in the field and to further develop my clinical and research skills.

Creating an environment where my clients feels that they can safely and openly speak about their struggles. Ultimately reducing the stigma surrounding mental health and accessing psychology services is something I feel strongly about.

“Mental health challenges have touched us all – whether its directly or to a loved one..”

How I help

I enjoy working with and supporting individuals ranging across the lifespan – children, adolescents, and adults – in both the therapeutic space and psychological assessment space. I work with families to assess for and diagnose disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention/Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Specific Learning Disorder, and Intellectual Disability. I regularly see clients presenting with a range of anxiety disorders, mood disorders, and personality disorders.

I have a particular interest in working in the space of child and youth mental health. I feel that early intervention from a young age is incredibly important to assist young individuals to manage their challenges of life stressors and mental health concerns, and to overall advocate for them to achieve their version of their best possible self.

Why I’m here

I enjoy being part of the Boutique Psychology team as I am surrounded by like-minded individuals who challenge me to continue to grow professionally and personally.

Things I love to do

Working closely with Headspace on the Youth Advisory Committee to advocate for the access of youth mental health services, I deliver a range of presentations on bullying and mental health related topics. Breaking the stigma surrounding mental health and seeing a psychologist. More recently, I volunteered with the Raise Foundation as a youth mentor to work directly with young individuals to follow my interest and develop my knowledge of the presentation of youth mental health concerns and challenges today.

Aside from psychology, I enjoy escaping the city and going camping when I can, I like to swim regularly (freestyle being my strongest stroke), and I enjoy getting hooked on unsolved crime TV series or books. Fun fact – I am also trained as a makeup artist!

Credentials – Nicola Karaconstantis

  • Registered Provisional Psychologist
  • Bachelor of Psychological Science, Monash University
  • Bachelor of Psychology (Honours), Cairnmillar Institute
  • Master of Professional Psychology, Monash University
  • Recipient of the Research Conference Award at the 2020 Cairnmilar Institute Research Conference
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS)

Boutique Psychology

Boutique Psychology is a judgment-free zone where you can safely be yourself. You can count on being heard and respected.

Each of our Psychologists has their preferred therapeutic approach and distinct personality. However all of us are kind, warm, genuine humans.

Importantly, none of us believe that you’re broken, given that all of us come through our own messy, challenging times.