Boutique Psychology Psychologist Luke Carolan

Luke Carolan


I enjoy helping both adolescent and adult clients discover there is an alternative to the life of distress and discomfort quite often being experienced in the lead up to engaging with mental health support.

I work with people who are experiencing low mood and/or low motivation, difficulties adjusting, stress, anger, confusion or worry, to empower them to discover their strengths whilst developing insight into their presentation.

Together, we will explore your past experiences, what has and hasn’t worked for you, and hone in on what might help you on the adventure ahead.

How I help

My therapeutic style is to help clients over a short to medium term basis (longer if required) to discover tools and strategies that unlock their ability to formulate goals, move closer to their dreams and live a fulfilling life.

Therapeutic techniques I most enjoy using across the therapy journey are: Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), and motivational interviewing.  

I see clients for a broad range of presentations, including: depression, anxiety, grief, difficulties with drugs and/or alcohol, trauma/PTSD, stress management, life transitions, gender/identity, grief/bereavement, conflict resolution, assertiveness training, and adjustment disorder.

Credentials – Luke Carolan

  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) Swinburne University

  • Graduate Diploma Psychology (Adv.) Monash University.

Boutique Psychology

Boutique Psychology is a judgment-free zone where you can safely be yourself. You can count on being heard and respected.

Each of our Psychologists has their preferred therapeutic approach and distinct personality. However all of us are kind, warm, genuine humans.

Importantly, none of us believe that you’re broken, given that all of us come through our own messy, challenging times.