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What is LEGO® Club?

Boutique Psychology’s ‘LEGO® Club’ is a development program designed for children who have difficulties making and keeping friends, turn taking and sharing. The program is aimed at developing communication and social skills in a small group setting using LEGO® activities.


Age appropriate, structured and non-structured play

Children are more likely to interact with each other through collaborative play when playing together with LEGO®, promoting positive social behaviours like sharing, collaboration skills, taking turns, problem-solving, and the learning of concepts. However, for some children this can be a challenge. We have created a fun and dynamic environment to practise these skills, as well as support you to understand your child’s behaviour.

The aim of the program is to meet in the middle, understand your child’s play needs, but also to develop prosocial behaviours that help reduce stress and anxiety for your child.


Session Structure

What does a Boutique Psychology LEGO® Club session look like?

Our certified LEGO® Based Therapy Facilitator  will assign a role to each child in the session. These roles are usually;

  • An engineer – Interprets and communicates the instructions
  • A supplier – Manages the inventory and distributes the bricks and parts
  • A builder – Constructs the pieces according to the instructions given by the engineer
  • A director – Makes sure the group works together as a team

The children then build a LEGO® model, taking turns playing the different roles and building the model together.

This method of LEGO® Club encourages children to work together using verbal and nonverbal communication skills, taking turns, sharing, and use problem-solving skills.

The structure of our 75-90 minute LEGO® Club sessions is:

  • Arrival
  • Welcome
  • Structured play (10 mins per child, per role. I.e.: engineer, supplier, builder)
  • Unstructured free LEGO® play
  • Session end/close

Program Length

Boutique Psychology’s LEGO Club is an 11-week program running 1 session each week.

To Be Confirmed – We also have a 6-week school holiday program running 2 sessions each week over the summer school holidays.

Session length

75-90 mins

Time will be allowed for children to transition into the session.

We have also allocated time for parents/guardians to ask questions or give feedback.

The first appointment allows time for our intake screening.

We provide a report at the end of the program.

Additional Information

Our LEGO® Club is split into two programs by age brackets: 5-6 years and 8-10 years.

To get the best response from children participating in the sessions and to minimise distraction levels, support workers are allowed to attend, however, we do ask that parents are on a drop-off and pick-up basis only.


What Are the Costs?

Parents of children participating in LEGO® Club are asked to read and sign a service agreement. The costs for participation are:

  • $76.58 per child per session for both private or NDIS participants. Total cost of the 11-week program is $842.38
  • 5 hours of funding will be allocated to allow for report writing
  • An NDIS report is provided




What happens if my child is no longer able to participate?

As programs are created in advance based on the initial screening assessment and subsequent progress of your child at each session, we ask for 2 weeks’ notice to withdraw to finalise their reporting and participation in the program.




How do I enrol my child for Boutique Psychology’s LEGO® Club?

To register your interest and for more information about our LEGO® Club, or our services for children and young people with disability, contact us by any method you feel comfortable with below:




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Our LEGO® Clubs are run by a certified LEGO® Based Therapy Facilitator who has undertaken formal training in the method.

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