Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Adriana (Dana) Vlamis

Adriana (Dana) Vlamis, Provisional Psychologist

‘I’ve always connected with people who are struggling to manage difficult things.’

I’m a Greek-Australian born in rural Victoria. Growing up, I watched many people in my community struggle to access mental health services to get help to resolve their issues.

As a young adult facing my own challenges, Psychology appealed to me initially as a way to make sense of what was happening to me. Pretty quickly, it became my career path.

I’m an early career provisional psychologist. I’m fascinated by neurology, the science of how our amazing brains work, grow, and adapt to changes. My goal is to study and work in neuro-psychology.

How I help

I’ve always connected with people who are struggling to manage difficult things. As a Psychologist, I use this strength to help humans understand they’re not alone and that they can find the right support to help them heal.

I currently support clients with learning assessments and counselling.

A learning assessment can help you understand how you learn best. It can also help you understand and manage any difficulties that make it hard for you to learn.

I believe we all experience and process things differently. In counselling, I aim to help you find out what this means for you. Once we know how and why you experience life as you do, I’ll help you do more of what works well for you and less of what doesn’t.

Why I’m here

Boutique Psychology is a brilliant place to be a provisional Psychologist. We’re a close-knit and committed team. Everyone’s voice gets heard, and Cindy’s approach to supervision is strong on self-care. I know I’ll be guided and supported as a person and as a professional. 

Things I love to do

I am obsessed with music and music theatre. I sing and play music, and I write songs. I’m a sports tragic who’ll go to any kind of match or watch it on television. Just so you know, I’m a well-rounded individual, I also read and devour documentaries, and I’m a whizz in the kitchen.

When I need to chill, I head for the calming influence of nature.

I’m a volunteer care coordinator for the Make a Wish foundation.

In short, I’m curious about pretty much everything and up for giving new things a go.


All the cred

  • Provisional Psychologist and a member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS)
  • Bachelor of Science, Applied Science Psychology – RMIT
  • Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Advanced) – Monash University
  • Mental Health First Aid

Eddy VejayaratnamEdwina Vejayaratnam, Registered Psychologist

I grew up first generation Australian in a South Asian family, where old traditions had not given way for the ‘Australian way’ of life. Mental health was largely disregarded, and I decided to make it my life mission to bridge that gap between mental health and South Asian communities to build a better life for future generations that consisted of a holistic view of health. I also have an interest in the mental health of refugees from South Asia, especially Sri Lanka, and this was one of the main reasons I decided to pursue Psychology.

How I Help

I am a fully registered Psychologist and I am currently undertaking the clinical registrar program to gain more experience especially in more severe psychological presentations. While most of my research interest is in the relationship between mental health and people/women of colour, I also have experience in working in rural communities, hospital setting and within the disability sector.

My personal experience as a woman of colour means that I approach therapy with an intersectional lens. I have worked with people across the lifespan from a range of different backgrounds, including working with children and adults who have experience depression, anxiety, developmental disorders, trauma and more. I enjoy working with people to tackle social, emotional and life challenges that they face throughout the lifespan. The modalities that I use include:

I also speak Tamil so I can reach those who may otherwise not be able to have access to mental health.

Why I’m Here

We all work here with the same goal: to provide services to those who are struggling with their mental health, who need some guidance in general life and those who want some extra support. Mental health help should be accessible for all.

Things I love to do

I am an avid powerlifter and have competed nationally a few times. I also love spending time with my dog, who is therapeutic in some ways, and a terror in others!

All the cred

  • Registered Psychologist with AHPRA
  • Clinical Registrar (current)
  • PhD in Clinical Psychology (current)
  • Masters in Applied Psychology (Clinical)
  • Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Advanced)
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology)

Daniel MaddenDaniel Madden, Provisional Psychologist

‘I’m an empathetic, attentive listener, and I support my clients to find practical, creative solutions that work well for them.’

I’m a firm believer in the scientific method. As a Psychologist, I draw on evidence-based understanding of behaviour and emotions and reframe perspectives to improve people’s lives, as well as implement concrete strategies to make life easier where possible. I’m an empathetic, attentive listener, and I support my clients to find practical, creative solutions that work well for them and empower them to live more fulfilling lives.

How I help

I help my clients to understand how their thoughts and feelings influence their behaviour, and how sometimes when we are in a bad place; we can interact with others in a way that doesn’t allow us to foster relationships or develop consistent healthy habits. I empower and support my clients to take a new perspective on otherwise negative aspects of their life and how to focus on their strengths rather than areas of relative weakness.

I have a passion specifically for Youth mental health and supporting young men is very important to me. I’m keen to help break the stigma that stops men from reaching out to their friends, family, and community when they need help.

I spent three years as a Youth Reference Group Member at Headspace in Cairns. I was part of a group of an eighteen to twenty-five-year-old volunteers supporting the Community Engagement Officer to promote headspace and youth mental health. I developed and co-facilitated psychoeducational and life skill initiatives with local schools and liaised with local communities to advocate for healthy relationship initiatives they believed would be helpful.

Why I’m here

I work here at Boutique Psychology because I believe in their ethos and values. I believe that psychological services should be affordable, and I work with a group of passionate and inclusive colleagues; totally focused on doing what’s best for our clients.

Things I love to do

I’m a board game fanatic who believes that play is vital in developing and maintaining friendships. I also love to cook (hopefully) delicious food as a way of showing my gratitude for friends, family and others who are important in my own life.

All the cred

  • Member of Australian Association of Psychologists Inc (AAPI)
  • Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) – James Cook University
  • Mental Health First Aider (Version 4)

Liesl HaasbroekLiesl Haasbroek, Provisional Psychologist

My interest in psychology started in high school as I was fascinated by how uniquely the human mind works. I’ve always enjoyed interacting with people and found myself drawn to those battling with their mental health. My empathetic nature and passion for mental health has driven me to become a psychologist. While studying I volunteered at a Home for individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease, worked with children with ASD, and worked with young adults who struggled with social anxiety.

How I help

What I love most about psychology is the diversity. I enjoy working with people of all ages with different reasons for seeking therapy or assessments. You may be experiencing anxiety, and low moods or you may be participating in self-sabotaging behaviour. I don’t believe one method works for all, instead I tailor my approach to your journey. I aim to work together to navigate obstacles and work towards your goals.

I am originally from South Africa and my first language is Afrikaans. I understand how difficult it is to be vulnerable and communicate your thoughts and feelings, even more so doing it in another language. Our sessions can be in Afrikaans or English, and I have first-hand experience with the difficulties that come with relocating your home and adjusting to a new culture.

Why I’m here

I love the support, culture, and guidance I receive at Boutique Psychology as a provisional psychologist.

Things I love to do

I absolutely love games… board games, video games, sports, chess, you name it. I find it’s a great way to connect with others and have a laugh. I currently play squash and try to play golf every now and then. I don’t think I’ll be going professional anytime soon, not at the rate I’m losing golf balls anyway. In my free time I love to read, watch movies, and eat good food.


All the cred

  • Registered Provisional Psychologist
  • Bachelor’s in Psychology, University of Western Australia
  • Graduate Diploma of Psychology Advanced, Monash University
  • Master of Professional Psychology, Monash University
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Dementia Care
  • Member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and Australian Association of Psychologists Inc (AAPI)
  • volunteered for over 3 years at the Mary Chester Home for Alzheimer’s

Nicola KaraconstantisNicola Karaconstantis, Provisional Psychologist

I’ve always felt very passionately towards working with others to assist them in achieving the version of their best possible self. My interest in psychology stems back to when I was in high school where I studied VCE psychology a year early as I was so eager to dive into the world of psychology and mental health, that waiting until year 11 to commence the subject was not an option – I still to this day refer to myself as a ‘psychology nerd’ as I am always on the hunt for ways to increase my knowledge in the field and to further develop my clinical and research skills. Mental health challenges have touched us all – whether its directly or to a loved one. It is because of this that I feel strongly towards creating an environment where my clients feels that they can safely and openly speak about their struggles, ultimately reducing the stigma surrounding mental health and accessing psychology services.

How I help

I enjoy working with and supporting individuals ranging across the lifespan – children, adolescents, and adults – in both the therapeutic space and psychological assessment space. I work with families to assess for and diagnose disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention/Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Specific Learning Disorder, and Intellectual Disability. I regularly see clients presenting with a range of anxiety disorders, mood disorders, and personality disorders.

I have a particular interest in working in the space of child and youth mental health. I feel that early intervention from a young age is incredibly important to assist young individuals to manage their challenges of life stressors and mental health concerns, and to overall advocate for them to achieve their version of their best possible self.

Why I’m here

I enjoy being part of the Boutique Psychology team as I am surrounded by like-minded individuals who challenge me to continue to grow professionally and personally.

Things I love to do

I worked closely with Headspace on the Youth Advisory Committee to advocate for the access of youth mental health services, deliver a range of presentations on bullying and mental health related topics, and to break the stigma surrounding mental health and seeing a psychologist. More recently, I volunteered with the Raise Foundation as a youth mentor to work directly with young individuals to follow my interest and develop my knowledge of the presentation of youth mental health concerns and challenges today.

Aside from psychology, I enjoy escaping the city and going camping when I can, I like to swim regularly (freestyle being my strongest stroke), and I enjoy getting hooked on unsolved crime TV series or books. Fun fact – I am also trained as a makeup artist!


All the cred

  • Registered Provisional Psychologist
  • Bachelor of Psychological Science, Monash University
  • Bachelor of Psychology (Honours), Cairnmillar Institute
  • Master of Professional Psychology, Monash University
  • Recipient of the Research Conference Award at the 2020 Cairnmilar Institute Research Conference
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS)

William Pope, Provisional Psychologist

I have gained valuable experience at working as a Therapeutic Carer, providing traumatised young people with a safe and structured environment, to help them rehabilitate and gain psychosocial stability. I also have over two years working in Positive Behavioural Support. This role enabled me to work with men who have a range of neurodevelopment disorders and/or mental illnesses, assisting them in developing practical skills that improve their adaptive functioning. Each of these professional roles has provided me with the opportunity to demonstrate my empathy, compassion, and patience. Moreover, these experiences in providing practical, client-centred care have been extremely fulfilling, and has furthered my drive to become a psychologist.

How I help

I am a provisional psychologist working with people of all ages ranging from childhood, adolescence through to adulthood. I enjoy taking a friendly but client centred approach to client interaction to build a therapeutic relationship that is comfortable and judgement free.

I strongly believe that the client is the expert in their own life and rather than give direction, I seek to walk alongside them as they work on better understanding themselves of their own identities and build skills to effectively apply in their own lives.

Change is often difficult and optimal mental health is something which is not achieved by accident. I enjoy helping clients draw on their inner strengths, gain a greater understanding of themselves and their surroundings while empowering them to make positive changes to lead more fulfilling lives in a supportive and friendly environment. Finally, by using standardised testing and 1:1 interaction with the client I can put together different pieces of a life puzzle to help every client tell their story.

Why I’m here

Boutique Psychology provides me with the opportunity to work with an eclectic mix of clients from all walks of life. It also provides me with the privilege to work with a range of colleagues that support me through their wealth of knowledge and experiences across several areas of expertise.

Things I love to do

I am an avid cricket fan (tragic) that enjoys nothing more than staying at home with my family and watching a good session of cricket or binging the latest Netflix.

All the cred

  • Master’s in applied psychology (Professional) – Australian Catholic University
    Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Advanced) – Deakin University
    Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology) – Deakin University

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